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China Charity Federation introduced

China Charity Federation was founded in 1994, is registered in accordance with the law approved by the Chinese government, by ardent charity citizens, legal persons and other social organizations volunteer to participate in the national, non-profit public welfare social organizations, currently has 273 members across the country units. Its purpose: to carry forward the humanitarian spirit and carry forward the traditional virtues of the Chinese nation, helping the poor, to help the unfortunate individuals and disadvantaged groups in the community, and various forms of social assistance. The first president of China Charity Federation, Mr. Cui Naifu, the second president, Mr. Yan Mingfu, the current president of the Ninth, Tenth National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference Standing Committee, the Ministry of Civil Affairs of the former party deputy secretary, deputy minister, Mr. Fan Baojun.

China Charity Federation since its inception, always adhere to adhere to always aim to actively promote charitable awareness efforts to open up the field of charitable work, extensive mobilization of social forces, and parties to raise money for charity, with the relevant government departments in emergency relief, helping the poor, Elderly to help orphans, medical assistance, student support education, a lot of fruitful work, and achieved remarkable results. In recent years, the China Charity Federation pay special attention to play the general coverage of its own unique characteristics, carried out disaster relief, helping the poor, elderly, help orphans, support education, student, supporting and helping to help doctors and other eight, a few the ten charitable projects, and gradually form a huge charitable aid system across the country. Up to now, the China Charity Federation directly raise charitable funds and materials amounting to nearly billion, tens of millions of poor people to get a different form of relief.

China Charity Federation the strict financial systems and auditing systems, and to hire a well-known accounting firm to conduct an annual financial audit, a major fund-raising campaign to accept the audit of the National Audit Office, and ready to accept social supervision. China Charity Federation has always adhere to an open, fair, according to the law, the concept of self-regulation of the financial, social credibility steadily improving.

China Charity Federation continue to strengthen outreach efforts to establish good relations of cooperation with Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and overseas, many charity organizations, and joint implementation of a number of cooperation projects, generally recognized by the international charitable organization. In 1998, Charity joined the International Association of the United Way, the only member of the organization in mainland China. It can be said that the China Charity Federation as one of China's largest and most influential charitable organizations, has started to become a contact overseas Chinese and international friends, and jointly promote the steady development of China's philanthropy is an important hub.

About Hetong

April 20, 1995, Hetong was born in Tianjin, is initiated by the private sector, private investment, private operation of non-governmental organizations. In accordance with the relevant provisions of the laws and regulations of civil society organizations, their institutional independence, does not enjoy any fixed financial allocation or subsidy, their abide by folk, organized, autonomous, voluntary, nonprofit, non-profit and non-religious principles. Today, 17 years later, Hetong the elderly welfare associations, private non-enterprise Hetong series units, Hetong elderly Charity Foundation Trinity, work together to build a Chinese non-governmental organizations for the old social services Hetong brand.

Hetong is a typical non-profit organization, the legal organization (NGO-NPO). By the old leadership, old-timers, experts and scholars, entrepreneurs, practitioners, and public-spirited people Hetong Council, has a charitable mission of the service the elderly, there is a not-for-profit organizational structure and a set without any Lee has feather one's nest people management system. 17 years, the society of its recognition and trust of the degree (credibility), they use the resources of the high utility and society expect or demand to meet can be accountable to the extent of (responsibility letter degree); their dependent society to donate lose and enjoy "social public is tax-exempt status, leading to a guarantee for its sustainability.

As the third sector Hetong well aware of their preferences collective fiscal rather than private financial, organizational forms that do not belong to any individual ownership; receive government funding and social donations is the main alternative source of revenue. Their use of user fees, the difference take fees way, just reached its means of special social service mission of the underlying population and more important organizational goals; while by no means preferences and maximizing profits. Profit must be given to the public interest rather than private interests, get used to the objectives of the organization rather than the individual. Lies not create the amount of profit, but in their degree of social value creation.

Hetong Elderly Welfare Association

Hetong elderly welfare associations existing registered member of 20, more than 3,000 members, over the years, the association members consistently chase and carry forward the spirit of volunteerism, service or event participation, are voluntary basis. Most of the members of the Council is not in Hetong salaried chairman himself is volunteer; Not only non-salaried governing their main duties is "Way. Lead the community through the director's own charisma and its social impact, the inflow of donor resources Hetong. Hetong also adhere to the principle of openness nonprofit organizations must invite the community as Honorary Treasurer and adhere to the annual financial audit publicly.

Series of units of the private non-enterprise Hetong

Hetong series of private non-enterprise units: 7 (long-term care (LTC) homes for the elderly which a to accept government commissioned management, a project for the Chinese Red Cross Foundation), a geriatric hospitals, elderly care vocational training 7 schools (including five the National Franchise school), National Institute for Occupational Skill Testing 1; commissioning agencies are not yet registered: Free escort dispatch center, food and beverage distribution center, Institute of older products; addition, there has been public welfare enterprises registered a property services company.

Hetong through 17 years of efforts, has established an annual revenue exceeding 30 million yuan, more pension scale social services industry group of the Commonwealth. Involved in residential care endowment, seven areas of health care, home care, elderly catering, cleaning housekeeper, nursing education, the elderly and other supplies, spare paper tightly around the older industries on downstream products, the older industries chain. Its always the social benefits in the first place, adhere to the revenue and to support and adhere to measure the success or failure does not generate revenue, service and product innovation-focused thinking, elderly services and solid and stronger.

Hetong elderly Charity Foundation

Hok Tong elderly the Charity Foundation through extensive mobilization of the community, to mobilize all social resources, another corporate body established above Hetong Development Fund has been initially established that can withstand a certain risk. Hetong set of to the community to raise financial publicity transparent system, shipped to attract entrepreneurs to enhance corporate donor behavior influence practice, has formed a virtuous circle; Hetong tax "," Hetong The winter tax "donation activities has formed Hetong specific brand.

About HSBC

The HSBC Group is one of the world's largest banking and financial services organizations. HSBC Bank (China) Co., Ltd. was officially opened in April 2007, is one of the largest foreign banks in the Mainland.

HSBC's long-term support to the charity of the Mainland, the Mainland so far accumulated has donated more than 500 million yuan for education, environmental protection, social welfare and other fields. Only seven times in a row to get the Ministry of Civil Affairs' China Charity Award "foreign-funded enterprises.

HSBC and China Charity Federation, "HSBC - the China Charity elderly care project" was launched in 2007, the introduction of foreign advanced experience in the pension industry to help the development of the Mainland. Specific actions include nearly 50 nursing homes across the country to buy the necessary necessities and equipment and facilities; prepared in cooperation with the Ministry of Civil Affairs and Labor and Social Security Ministry published the first designated national nursing member national vocational qualification training course, standardize services operating skills to improve the professional level of nursing; nursing home Dean and care worker training of trainers held for many years.

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